Why 3 Peaks Health?


Why 3 Peaks Health?

We are a 360° bespoke private healthcare company. Our goal is for our patients live longer and healthier lives; and we know how to achieve it.

Our approach is disrupting the industry by seamlessly integrating three essential components of Health and wellbeing: We focus on Health and Lifespan maximisation; medical case management; insurance and claims management.

The way we now look at aging and disease has changed.  We know that by targeting certain key pathways we can reduce risk, treat disease and at times reverse aging processes.

By rigorously scouring the worldwide evidence base we can guarantee you have access to the complete spectrum of health and wellbeing testing and treatments.

We provide unprecedented services and treatments from some of the world’s most revolutionary physicians, thought leaders and laboratories.


Insurance Brokerage and Claims Management

When you are a member of 3PH we know you and provide for you a dedicated GP – a single and consistent point of contact who will manage your entire health care journey; maximise your disease prevention and optimise your well-being.

You will have one number to call, and everything will be taken care of, coordinated and organised.  

Navigating the healthcare system can be a daunting task, especially for those unfamiliar with the industry. Insurance companies often prioritise cost over quality when selecting approved clinicians, making it challenging for patients to find the best possible care.

Our services ensure that, in a time of need, our patients are matched with the most appropriate clinician for their condition and personality, providing the best possible outcomes.

Our services for our members fall into three key domains to allow complete control of your health journey:

1.     Healthspan and Lifespan maximisation
2.     Insurance brokerage and claims management
3.     Medical case management and advocacy (GP services and secondary referral)


Health Maximisation and anti-ageing

Each member is offered personalised comprehensive testing to assess their baseline health status.  This includes salivary, blood, urine analysis, and hormone levels. We also offer genetic germline testing to evaluate for any potential hereditary syndromes. Once complete, we review this information in detail with you and the health maximisation process begins.

We develop a tailored healthcare plan that is consistent with your goals. Bespoke supplementation and therapy packages are provided based on these diagnostics and forward goals.

Membership gives access to further novel therapies which are generally confined to research purposes. The most commonly available of these are products, such as intravenous NAD+ and Glutathione, which are both associatedwith reducing the effects of ageing, amongst an array of other benefits.Further IV therapies are available as well as treatments such as ‘peptides which have a huge variety of applications.

All treatment programmes are bespoke to you; your unique biology and crucially the timing in your life. This is successfully done with our thorough onboarding process.



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