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Health Oversight and Advocacy
(Medical Management)

No case is too small or less important.  We guide our patients through the crowded healthcare market to ensure they see the best clinicians in the best facilities with the proper diagnostics completed. 

Each member has a dedicated general physician – a family doctor – for them and their household. This doctor, as well as the member’s own medical case manager, will be the point of contact. Home visits are arranged on the same day and referrals made to specialists as required, and rapidly. If the specialist recommends certain diagnostics be performed, then we facilitate this prior to the specialist appointment. 

In the event optimal treatment is not available within the U.K., our patients are not shackled here. Our experts are guided by the state-of-the-art of health care (medicine).  Therefore, if there are cutting edge treatments available elsewhere, we will facilitate our member’s journey. For example, our cancer lead is based in the U.S., and any tumor can undergo molecular test ingto assess what targeted and personalized cancer medication is most likely to be effective. Thus, an otherwise inaccessible treatment is facilitated. 

Health screens are carried out biannually or annually and are linked to age and risk of disease. We focus on cancer screening,gut, cardiovascular and fitness as well as hormonal health and genetic risk. Referrals to specialists are carried out as required. 

Same day prescriptions with home delivery will be arranged, as required.

Primary Care/Family Doctors/General Practitioners (GP)

A skilled doctor at your door for what you need, whenever you need it

We offer 24/7 personalised concierge care from our team of revered general practitioners and family doctors who are fully prepared with diagnostic equipment and evidence-based treatments.

Membership includes home visits (ad hoc visits are also arranged for non-member individuals or corporate employees). *Our clients are global and as such, we want to know where you are in the world so we can pre alert our international network of approved providers. All members have a personal dedicated General Practitioner who will be part of every decision and get to know your health as well as those around you, intimately.

Prescription medications are sent to your pharmacy or delivered to your door, as preferred.


Wellness checks and Medical Screening

Feel your best and get to your best health and beyond we full, an advanced medical screening detailed to our members and ad offer hot. Including, functional status not limited to;

●      Top-to-toe assessments
●      Genetic risk analysis
●      Heart and lung function testing
●      Cancer screens
●      Mental health
●      Functional and fitness assessments
●      Hormonal health assessment
●      Personalised supplementation
●      Research/novel therapies

Our approach includes an assessment of your lifestyle and fu; we delve into your habits, nutrition, body composition, and your health goals. We offer personalised concierge care and unrivalled bespoke treatment packages.


Accurate and rapid diagnostics are one of our top priorities. Expedited access to facilities and report turnaround are arranged by our team to ensure you, your GP, and your specialists have the answers needed to prevent you from delays and excess appointments. A full range of diagnostic services are at our disposal:

Infection control and Biological threat

“Prevention is better than cure”

●      Vaccinations: including travel and childhood immunisations are available and administered at home or in clinic, as convenient.
●      Vaccinations for production staff to reduce the burden of staff sickness.
●      COVID testing:
○      Rapid turnaround, at home/location courier service (at a convenient location) -Lateral flow and PCR with same-day results.
○      COVID antibody testing
○      Alternative diagnosis testing for other infection causing pathogens to expedite return to work

●     Discreet testing for other infections, as required.
●     Advisory board consultation for worldwide event planning.

Ad-Hoc Case management

At Three Peaks Health we realise that there are some complex health journeys that need a guiding hand. We offer support in navigating across all specialties. The service involves identifiying the best facilities, clinicians and techniques. We guide you through the consultation process (with second opinions as needed) based on our experts advice. Following this we will ensure you are informed and prioritised and that your aftercare is as it should be.

Enquire today – Examples of the breadth of our expertise:
Refractive(LASER) eye surgery
Fertility treatments, including egg freezing
Cosmetic Surgical
Aesthetic Non-Surgical
Chronic disease management
Long Covid
Cancer case management
Mental health conditions
Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

Film, TV, and Music Industry

Keeping the show on the road

We know that every production or tour is unique, with a different cast, crew, and/or performer as well as a different timeline and budget. Our service will provide what you need, when you need it with the utmost efficiency and discretion. We communicated directly with line producers, production managers, and/or tour managers to discuss the entire spectrum of support we offer to the entertainment industry as well as our transparent pricing and insurance support.

Together we will construct an offering that not only gives discretion, reassurance, and treatment as needed but also reduces downtime as much as possible. Most importantly, our clinicians are well-versed in managing the complexities of this industry and have many credits to our names (references available on request).

Our production stage by engaging with us early in your production or tour, we can be sure to provide apioneering service. Your timeline goes through several stages, and what you and your cast/performers/crew need from us will likely vary depending on the stage of production. For example, data has shown that towards the end of production is typically where immunity begins to lower and simple infections can result in multiple days lost. We reduce this burden by being proactive.

Our primary care division and priority access team will be available to you whenever you need it, ad hoc and on-location, liaising as required with your on-site team.

Sports Industry

The biggest success in sport is the ability to get on the pitch and stay there

We understand that time is valuable for elite athletes; whether that is time spent training, competing, or undergoing medical assessments. Days lost to injury arethe biggest burden in sport, which is why we offer an efficient clinical approach to provide the very best rehab and recovery options for athletes. This includes imaging suites and assessments to assist with medicals.

Preventing injury should begin in the off-season. We no longer look at the normal range for diagnostics as elite athletes should not come under the ‘normal’ range. We offer pre-season assessments including blood testing that identifies whether the athlete is in the “Optimal Range” – this developing concept is key to pushing our limits even further.

We have extensive experience in this industry with our founding General Practitioner well known in the sporting world. 3PH also have experience in managing crowds at sporting and entertainment events.


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