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Healthspan and Lifespan Maximisation

Aging and Disease have been proven to involve the same processes. The sector's ability to target these is constantly improving.

Each member is offered personalised comprehensive testing to assess their baseline health status and their biological age.  This includes salivary, blood, urine analysis, hormone levels, DNA and Epigenetic testing. Once complete, we review this information in detail with you and the health maximisation process begins.

We develop a tailored healthcare plan that is consistent with your goals. Bespoke supplementation and therapy packages are provided based on these diagnostics and forward goals.

Membership gives access to further novel therapies which are generally confined to research purposes. The most commonly available of these are products, such as intravenous NAD+ and Glutathione, which are both associated with reducing the effects of aging, amongst an array of other benefits. Further IV therapies are available as well as treatments such as ‘peptides’ which have a huge variety of applications.

All treatment programmes are bespoke to you; your unique biology and crucially the timing in your life. This is successfully done with our thorough onboarding process


Optimizing Your Health


Insuring Your Health



Supplementation can play a critical and valuable role in your health journey.  Unfortunately, there is a huge amount of misinformation around supplementation. This multi-billion-dollar global industry is a minefield filled with ‘paid for’ studies, false promises, and many outlandish claims. Furthermore, the sheer breadth, volume, and formulation of supplements available is overwhelming.

We have an experienced and highly knowledgeable integrative medicine team that curates a bespoke evidence-based, plan just for you.

Given the lack of regulation for available products on the market, we independently test all supplements prior to supplying them to our patients. This includes a valid certification of purity and quality.

Customized supplementation packages are provided based on these diagnostics and forward goals. We will regularly test bloodwork to ensure it is effective for you as well as your current place in your health journey.

All of our members receive our 3 Peaks Health longevity stack of supplements.


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